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Exhaust silencers can be delivered in a standard execution (Hu-tec Engineering type NCS, NAS en NRS) as well as tailor made. In case of strict noise level and/or limited dimensions, it is often not possible to work with a standard silencer.
The know-how of acoustics and flow dynamics of our technical department , enables us to design a silencer for a specific sound-source, which results in an optimum noise reduction for that specific situation

In general, the silencers are manufactured in mild steel (S 235 JR G2) and provided with a black heat resistant silicon coating. The silencers are optionally also available in other material such as stainless steel AISI304, AISI316 and AISI321.
The exhaust silencer can be mounted both horizontally as well as vertically and can be delivered optional with an integrated spark arrestor.

For the design of these exhaust silencers, the following information is required:
– Noise data (Lw/Lp) of the source
– Required attenuation
– Exhaustgas flow
– Exhaustgas temperature
– Maximal permissable back pressure
– Available space

Hu-tec Engineering special types:


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We produce custom built power packs, containers and exhaust silencers mainly for export in a quality equal or better than the European standards.